KANAME Szkoła Języka Japońskiego we Wrocławiu zdjęcie ilustracyjne

At KANAME we are truly dedicated to the Japanese culture.

The calligraphy is highly regarded in the Japanese culture. It accompanies the Japanese at each stage of their school education – from the primary school to the final grades of high school. First of all, the Japanese put particular stress on the aesthetic quality of the writing, something that often proves one’s thorough education. Second of all, the repeated writing of the same characters helps exercise patience and strengthens one’s character. Finally, provided an adequately arranged atmosphere, the calligraphy may become a relaxation session. Taking all this into account, to make our Japanese language lessons even more interesting, from time to time we practice calligraphy under the eye of our teachers, who have been experienced in this field for several years now.

What’s more, at KANAME we organise workshop sessions, during which the participants may get to know not only the secrets of calligraphy, but also learn sumi-e (the ink wash painting technique), origami, wearing kimonos or cooking Japanese food. Another interesting form of participation in the culture are the reading sessions of Japanese literature. Details will be advertised in the news section.

The event organisers interested in shows and workshop sessions can contact us via e-mail: sekretariat@kaname.pl.