KANAME Szkoła Języka Japońskiego we Wrocławiu zdjęcie ilustracyjne

At KANAME we are aware that our students are fascinated with the culture of Japan and would like to learn as much as possible. We believe that in order to get to know a culture of a given country for real, you need to learn its language, because everything comes down to it.

What rules govern the Japanese language, how it describes our reality, what you are allowed to speak about freely, what’s not accepted, how the official style differs from the unofficial one. Such knowledge will help you communicate easily with the Japanese, whose way of thinking is very different from ours.

At The School of Japanese Language KANAME the qualified and experienced Japanese native speakers will help you step by step develop all your language skills – speaking, grammar, vocabulary, kanji characters, listening comprehension, reading and writing.

We put stress on the creative aspect of the language

Languages consist of two elements – the vocabulary and the rules of its application, i.e. the grammar. Learning both at the same time will let you play with the language and create the unlimited number of sentences in practice. Be creative!

Forget being worried about making mistakes! We will help you unlearn that! For us mistakes are a positive symptom, the proof that the process of learning is actually just starting.

JLPT examination?

The curriculum at KANAME is not specifically designed to prepare for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test examinations, however, it overlaps with it in many respects. We are dedicated to teaching the knowledge which will let our students communicate in Japanese without limitations. Passing the JLPT – even on the highest level – will not guarantee that. This is because of its unpractical design – the certificate examination which only consists of single-choice questions is not – in our opinion – a suitable form of verifying one’s actual language skills. Moreover, JLPT does not verify the competence in writing or speaking.

Nevertheless, JLPT is the only available official certificate which proves one’s knowledge of Japanese. It is required by various institutions in Japan and proves helpful when applying for jobs at Japanese companies. Its additional benefit is the affordable price, that’s why we encourage you to take one of the exams.